Welcome back to my blog, everyone! Today I am collaborating with the lovely Sheri! We will each be sharing our Top 5 Travel Tips to get you ready for your next adventure! 

Tip #1. Plan Way Ahead
You always think you have more time - truth is, you never really do. Depending on how far you are traveling, make sure to plan a couple of months ahead. Plane tickets are generally more affordable, you don't want to wait until peak season because you'll pay more for your flight ticket than any of your expenses. Make sure to include all important documents, allergies, medication etc. Planning ahead of time will leave less room for doubt and more time for you to enjoy the experience!

Tip #2. Get Comfortable
I don't just mean comfortable clothing on the plane (or car, if you're going on a road-trip) I mean get comfortable with yourself. As fun as it can be, traveling is draining but it's also an opportunity to grow. Try to stay calm in challenging situations, get comfortable with your surroundings; embrace the environment, cuisine, culture. It'll be so much more of an experience if you allow yourself to be part of it. 

Tip #3. Don't Just Pack For The Weather
You may be thinking, 'what?'. Hear me out. Obviously pack clothes, equipment etc for the expected weather, but make sure you have a few clothing choices for the unexpected. For example, you could be going somewhere where it's always sunny, but it'll suck if it suddenly starts pouring with rain and you have no warm clothes to change into. 

Tip #4. Wake Up Early
Different places are much more interesting to experience if you experience them at different times of the day! Make sure you get enough rest, but try to wake up an hour earlier than you usually would to explore where you are and get familiar with your surroundings. Not only will you get to experience something completely new, but you'll also interact with more locals, take wonderful photos and get to see things you came to see without having to push past a  large crowd or wait in a long line!

Tip #5. Listen To The Locals
Tourist Hotspots are hotspots for a reason. For one, the media only shows you those spots to entice you to visit them. Tons of people go there because that's where they think the main attractions are. Sure, that may be the case but definitely not always. If you really want to have a good time, take a day and explore where the locals go. It'll be cheaper, you'll see amazing things and most importantly, you'll get to see how the people really live as opposed to how the media portrays them.

That's it for my Top 5 Travel Tips! As mentioned before, this was a collaboration post with Sheri, so be sure to read her half. 

Until Thursday, 

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