Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Things To Be Happy About!

      First World Problems Are Not Problems.
This blog post is a mini rant, but it is also food for thought.

                       You're alive, quit bitching.

                 An Opportunity To Get An Education
Firstly, you're able to read this. That's already something huge, considering that so many people are unable to read or write. Secondly, you have access to read this. With education comes responsibility and I get it; homework sucks. You sit in class for almost eight hours a day and then go home to do more work in order to prepare you for university or a career after high school to sustain you for the rest of your life. Man, first world problems, hey? Just keep in mind that there are thousands of people out there who would love to be able to go to school or to afford a proper education.

                                Your "family"

I'm aware that this is a tough one to be happy about. For example, many people come from what others may call "broken homes" due to divorced parents, or someone remarrying or perhaps even sensitive subjects such as adoption. I personally think that those homes aren't necessarily always broken; of course, (don't get me wrong), I do understand that they've been damaged but everyone has some kind of family that they rely on; this can be a group of friends, a guardian, your grandparents, your boyfriend/girlfriend. Although they may not always be blood relatives, they are someone you love, trust and you know that they feel the same about you. Word of advice: make sure these people know that you love them back.

                               Your home
As mentioned above, this is also tricky. I know people who have stayed in one house their entire lives, but I also know people who have moved nearly sixteen times to different countries or cities, leaving family and friends behind. Know that home may not necessarily be a place, it can also be a person who gives you that feeling of home. Familiarity is nice for sure, so if you have a home or a place that makes you feel at ease or content when you're there, be grateful for that. 

Often we don't think we have enough of it, but lets be grateful that we do have it because simply put, life's short. (I'm sure you've heard that before) However, just because we think we don't have enough time, doesn't mean we should take the time that we do have for granted.
            Access to money
Even if you're on the verge of being broke, you probably have some kind of access to money and honestly, even a few notes would probably make you richer than a majority of the world's population.

                          Breathing Fresh Air
Some areas of the world are so polluted, many people have to wear masks when they head outside. If you can leave your house without having to do that, consider yourself lucky and just think of how good being able to breathe fresh air actually feels. It is one of the little things that we should be grateful for.

                                Your Senses
I'm talking specifically about eye sight and hearing. Imagine losing these. I often don't think of this myself as I wake up every day, just expecting to firstly, actually wake up, and secondly, being able to see and hear. For others this isn't always the case and often, those who are blind or hearing impaired don't even complain about it.

 People Who Are Willing To Teach You Something New
These people always want to teach you something new. It's someone that's willing to show you how to do something, gladly giving up their time to prevent future problems for you, to make your life a whole lot easier.

"Maybe you'd enjoy life more if you stopped complaining" 
                                                   Until next time,


  1. I think you need to get the message of privilege across more instead of the complaining factor which could be negative to people with mental illnesses.

    1. This post wasn't about privilege, because that's just going to spark a whole other debate when the only thing I am doing is trying to encourage people to stop complaining about little things. Most of us are so lucky and blessed with all we have, but we take that for granted. I'll keep that in mind though.